Winter Solstice Festival(冬至)

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Today is the Winter Solstice Festival, when the direct sunshine reaches the tropic of caprocorn(南回归线).  The northern hemisphere will welcome the back of the sun in the following days and get warmer gradually. It means Spring has been on the way.
As for memory, I ate dumpling as dinner. After returning back hotel, I launched a vedio chat with Xiao for one and half hour, mainly talking about trivial matters. I had planed to practice oral part for the Englished test in Friday, but I went out for wandering. In the street, I came across several young friends palying guitar and singing songs, showing the great of the young age. Sometimes, I feel music has a magical power to hit the deep of heart. Maybe I will learn to play an instrument in the following years, maybe violin.
By the way, I took a photo for tonight moon, which is so beautiful that attractive for me. Looking at the moon, I think it is also enlightening other places around the world, and it also illuminated the ancient people.

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